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  • Instant access to From Educator to Entrepreneur, my newly renovated 6-module course for 30 days
  • One time fee
  • DOES NOT include 2 Live coaching calls, members only group chat, or Canva resource templates.
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LEVEL 1: Brand New Boo ūüĎĽ



  • 2 live coaching calls per month for Q&A, feedback, and teacher biz talk¬†(never scheduled during school hours)
  • Instant access to From Educator to Entrepreneur, my newly renovated 6-module course
  • The Teacherpreneur Community; Find YOUR People in the Exclusive¬†MEMBERS ONLY group chat
  • DOES NOT include Canva resource templates-- but teaches HOW to make your own!
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LEVEL 2: Biz Baddiezūüėé



  • Everything included in Level 1
  • PLUS:¬†Canva template library with resources you can customize and sell as your own!
  • PLUS:¬†New Canva templates added monthly!
  • BONUS:¬†Access to my Invite Only Affiliate Marketing Program with 60/40 split on select¬†¬†services or programs you generate




I'm All In!

Customize a resource library full of templates that have helped me earn over $400,000 online and sell them as your OWN!

Build a teacher brand that encompasses your most authentic teacher voice 

Gain clarity on your niche, brand pillars, and ideal audience and how to attract them

Learn how to create a content strategy and plan to help you minimize stress and overwhelm

Start building a following of your teacher besties who are eager to interact and shop with you

Prep a platform to sell your resources or offers to your audience

I'm Ready to Go All in!

If you are here reading this, you are over playing small. 

You're done with the games and shying away from the bigger things you're being called to fulfill.

It's time and I am SO damn excited for you.

Inside, you'll get access to my course + all updates that will teach you all of the things needed to monetize, monthly live coaching, and templates to speed up your productivity and spark creativity!

We will spend our time together getting you up and running to bring your wildest teacherpreneur dreams to life.

During our time together, we will cover all aspects of teacher entrepreneurship, specifically focusing on:

  • Bringing you clarity in the most important areas: your niche, audience, their problems, and your solution. Being clear and super specific here is what will lead you to the most success long term.
  • You¬†will identify your brand pillars and use those to plan out content for IG/TikTok that are aimed at building a laser focused following who are eager to learn from you and buy your products and services.

  • You'll work on mastering your desired social media platforms and identify how to use them as a money generating tool in your business without paying for ads.

  • I'll show you how I create on Canva and utilize it for all areas of my business like social media posts, graphics, reel covers, resources, mock ups, TpT banners, etc.

  • We will work on transforming your mindset and identify what is messing with your head-- imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, past failures. We will challenge those beliefs and push through them.

  • You¬†will have the tools to set up everything you need to run a thriving teacher business without the guess work.

    Just so you know, you got this and I am SO proud of you for deciding to change your life, finally. 

Ready to get started?

Today is the day! Let's do this!

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