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When I Ask Teachers What's Stopping Them From Investing in Themselves, The Answer is Always the Same... Money.

10 years ago I was a single mother of three making $34,000 a year.

Hell, just back in 2020 I was living paycheck-to-paycheck while pregnant with my fifth child trying to figure out this whole teacher entrepreneur thing.

I wouldn't have been able to invest hundreds (or thousands) on expensive coaching programs to help me with my teacher business journey.

One thing I know for sure is I don't want to forget where I came from and how hard things used to be.

That's why I want to offer you this one time deal to enroll in my course, From Educator to Entrepreneur at the lowest rate it'll ever be, to help you get started with your teacher business journey.

And believe me, you won't find prices like this anywhere else. Getting in-portal communication with me plus educational material to help you get your ideas out of your head and brought to life-- that's priceless.

And you're feeling frustrated because...


The list of expectations for the teaching profession keeps expanding, but the pay doesn't increase

You have tried to brainstorm ways to make extra money without spending even more time at school, but can't figure out what to do

You have SO many ideas bouncing around, but don't know how to execute them

You follow other teacher entrepreneurs on social media and see them succeeding, but you don't know where to begin for you to do the same

I feel you! And I was there before too. 

  • No longer live paycheck-to-paycheck with your hard work finally leading to an increase in finances
  • Build a brand that represents who you are and what you are most passionate about in education 
  • Not have principals, admin, districts, or parents calling the shots in areas that you are truly the expert in
  • Experiencing freedom of your time, peeing when you want, traveling wherever you'd like, and being able to finally live the life that you've dreamed of

From Educator to Entrepreneur the Course

$1497 Value

Gain access to my newly revamped course that will take you on a journey from being "just a teacher" to unlocking the potential to grow a wildly profitable teacher based business from skills and passions you already possess from the classroom.


In-Portal Communication

$297 Value

As we make our way through each lesson, you'll have the ability to engage with myself and fellow teachers in the comments on topics like: overcoming imposter syndrome, niche, audience, branding, marketing, and more! Find your teacherpreneur bestie here!

100 TikTok Video Ideas Cheat Sheet

$27 Value

Not sure what to post? Use my cheat sheet to find ideas for TikTok or Reels. Many of these ideas you've seen on my own platforms to help me grow my brand. There's enough for months of content without the guesswork. Just pick from the list, record, and post!

Canva 101 Workshop Replay

$49 Value

Learn how to use Canva like a pro. Take this training and use it for all things business to include logos, branding, email signatures, business cards, merch, social media graphics. You name it, Canva will do it! This is what sets my business apart from others!

Discounted Today


$1497 Value

  • BONUS: In-Portal Communication with myself + other teacherpreneurs
  • BONUS: 100 TiKTok Ideas Cheat Sheet
  • BONUS: In-Portal Communication with myself + other teacherpreneurs
  • BONUS: Canva Workshop for Graphic Creation
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3 Payments of


$1497 Value

  • BONUS: In-Portal Communication with myself + other teacherpreneurs
  • BONUS: 100 TikTok Ideas Cheat Sheet
  • BONUS: Canva Workshop for Graphic Creation
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